The website for the Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club has moved! Please visit the club website for up-to-date information at www.floridakoiclub.com.

About the Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club:  The club was founded in January, 1998 just ahead of the All Florida Koi and Pond Show (AFKAPS). The All Florida show later became the Central Florida Koi and Goldfish Show.

Two of the original couples, Susanna and John Trittschuh (DeLand) and Sherri and Joe White (Port Orange) and Margaret Gillen (DeLand) attended the first meeting. Other charter members soon followed; Kathy and Jack Dunlop (Ormond Beach). All are still active members of the club. Visit the new club website at https://floridakoiclub.com

Below: A joint meeting with the Orlando Koi and Pond Club

Central Florida Koi Show in Orlando 

Held annually the second weekend in March.

Thanks to all our central Florida club members for helping to make the Central Florida Koi Show one of our best shows in the USA.

CFKS 2020 logo

Mark Your Calendar !!!
The Central Florida Koi Show is held the second weekend in March 2024. Read more…   cfks.org.



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